Code of Conduct


Code Of Professional Conduct & Ethics

This code of conduct is issued by the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria, established by Decree No. 42 of 1987. It is aimed at providing advice and guidance on all issues relating to the office and unofficial conduct of the professional Radiographer who is practicing the professional anywhere in Nigeria. The code is divided for purpose of description and reference into eight articles. Each article is further subdivided into paragraphs.

Article 1- attempts a definition of who is a practicing Radiographer.

Article 2- deals with general and ethical responsibilities.

Article 3- deals with the relationship between the Radiographer and the patient.

Article 4- discuses the basic rights the patient.

Article 5- deals with the Radiographers relationship with his employer.

Article 6 – concern itself with the Radiographer working in the private sector.

Article7- is concerned with other responsibilities of the Radiographer.

Article 8- deals with miscellaneous issues.



A Radiographer practicing anywhere in Nigeria shall uphold, and comply with this code.

He or she shall be deemed to be:

  • Register with the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria.
  • A holder of a current license to practice.
  • Registered with the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria.



  1. He / she shall be accountable for his /her work and take every reasonable opportunity to sustain and improve his/her knowledge and professional competence.
  1. Shall avail himself of the opportunities provided by the continuous education programmers’ of the Board (RRBN) to improved on his or her professional knowledge, competence and skill.
  1. Shall make know to the appropriate authority any conscientious objection he/she holds on any issue or matter relating to his/her professional practice.
  1. Shall competently carry out alternative examinations or procedures or treatment where in his/her professional judgment, the original request was inappropriate to the patient’s condition and the clinical history provided.
  1. Shall be free to exercise his/her professional judgment to refuse to accept a request for examination where the request is not:

(i)  Made by a medical office or in some special circumstances.

(ii) Made by a medical officer with the appropriate specialization.

(iii) Inclusive of clinical history or the required details.

  1. He/she shall be committed to keeping the radiation dose to the patience as low as reasonably practicable, consistent with the diagnostic and treatment needs of the patient.
  2. He/she shall not receive gift, favours, or hospitality from a patient, or relatives of a patient who is to be or who has been in his or her care.
  1. He/she shall not use his /her professional qualification(s) to promote the sale of any commercial products or services through advertisement in any medium of information.
  1. He/she shall not take alcohol or be under the influence of narcotic drugs when on duty or likely to be called to duty.
  1. He/she shall for all purpose comply with the laws of the country, state or local council where he/she works and shall have due regard to and respect for the culture and customers of the area.



  1. The Radiographer owes the patient a duty of confidentiality shall includes :

(a) Duty to hold in confidence any information relating to patient condition or state, obtained from or during a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure.

(b)  Duty not to divulge such information to the patient except in agreement with the clinician in charge of the patient.

(c) Duty not to disclose such information to any third parties except with the clear consent of the patent, or

  1. d) Where there is a legal requirement to divulge such information, it should only be given following a written permission from the Radiographers employer or any authority acting in that capacity.
  1. The Radiographer shall not abuse any privileged relationship with the patient or a privileged access to his/her property.
  1. The Radiographer shall have due regard to the customs, values and religious belief of the patient.
  1. He /she shall at all times act to promote and safeguard the well-being and interest of the patent, and
  1. Shall ensure that the patients condition or safety is not placed at any risks consequent upon the Radiographers action or omission.

Article 4:


  1. The Radiographer shall protect, respect and promote the fundamental rights of the patient which includes:
  • Dignity and privacy of the patient which include right to be properly addressed.
  • Right to have the identity of the Radiographer disclosed to him or her before, during or after an examination or treatment.
  • Right to properly informed concerning any follow up procedures.
  • Right to refuse treatment or examination which shall be reported to the clinician.
  • Right to report any sexual or physical molestation or theft of his/her property which shall be deemed as act of gross indiscipline on the part of the Radiographer.

Article 5:


  1. The Radiographer shall:
  • Obey all lawful directives of his/her employers.
  • Disobey all directive considered unlawful whether from a professional point of view or otherwise .
  • Give genuine advice on all professional issues from time time.
  • Refuse to train or give instructions to any body who is no to Radiographer or undergoing training in the process of attaining a profession qualification as a Radiographer.

Article 6:


  1. A Radiographer may enlist to work in a Radiodagnostic centre owned by:
  • A Radiographer or Radiographers
  • Non- Radiographers provided that :

(i) The centre is constructed and equipped to ensure high quality    patient care and radiation safety from imaging systems

(ii)  The Radiographers shall be adequately involve in policy   making and management.

Article 7:


  1. A Radiographer may provide written reports to physicians or clinicians, describing radiographic appearances to aid diagnosis but may not give such report to non-physicians.
  1. A Radiographer may undertake fluoroscopy where in his/her judgment the technique is indicated.
  1. A Radiographer who is a trained Ultrasongrapher shall provide reports on medical ultrasound examinations, provided it is part of his/her scheme work as agreed by team of medical staff and the employing authority-and provided he or she shall take full responsibility for the accuracy of the report.
  1. A Radiographer shall generally have the right to administer intramuslar and intravenous injection provided that he/she has been properly trained to provide that service.

Article 8:


  1. Any member found guilty of a criminal offence by any court of competent jurisdiction in Nigeria or elsewhere shall be deemed by the RRBN to have committed an act of gross misconduct which is unbecoming of a Radigiographer.
  2. A Radiographer accused of professional misconduct which is referred to the RRBN may force the disciplinary committee of the Board.
  3. A Radiographer found guilty by the disciplinary committee of the Board may:
  • lose his or her right to patient stipulated period or
  • lose his or her right to practice permanently or
  • Face any other punishment as stipulated in section 23 of decree No.42 of 1987.
  1. A Radiographer must maintain an exemplary life style, must not be well dressed in and out of office.
  2. The Radiographer or a student undergoing training in radiographer shall, while on duty or in classrooms laboratories, seminar rooms, examination rooms or generally in a hospital’s clinical area, comply with the dress code issued by this Board.

The dress code provides as follows:

  • The white over all shall be standard for both sexes and shall be worn upon:
  • Shirt ties on pairs of trousers for males.
  • Smart top, e.g blouses on below the knee but above the ankle skirts for females.
  • Smart top for females.
  • Smart tops e.g. blouses or shirts on females styled trousers.
  • The female may use the head-tie, provided its length does not extend below the shoulders.




I,…………………………………..have come to recognize and accept my role as a RADIOGRAPHER and therefore here by solemnly and truthfully pledge to devote my professional life to the service of mankind.

I shall perform my service and duties with dedication, devotion, dignity, discretion and honour, and have respect for the opinion of my professional colleagues and freely consult with them.

I shall consider the health of my patients above all and avoid whatever may expose them in danger.

I shall keep in confidence all information which I may obtain directly or indirectly, in the course of my professional practice concerning the life and health of people.

I shall also sustain my respect for human life at all stages and shall not use my knowledge of equipment (s) diseases, drugs, and the skill which I have acquired in any manner that is contrary to the laws of humanity .

I promise to always provide such facilities and environment which will enhance the desirable growth of my services and will not engage in self-advertisement.

I publicly and freely make this oath solemnity and honour and so HELP ME GOD.


Signature of Declarant:…………………………………..

Name of Declarant:……………………………………..





Radiographer’s registration 

Board of Nigeria